What is it?

Winstrol (Stromba, Winny) is an anabolic steroid available in both oral and injectable form, developed by Winthrop Laboratories in 1962. The active substance in Winstrol is called stanozolol. The main difference between Winstrol and most other steroids is that stanozolol is not esterified and thus not released gradually after injection. Injectable form comes in aqueous solution.

What are its effects?

Winstrol is not the steroid of choice for gaining mass. It promotes strength and red blood cell count, and is therefore popular with athletes other than bodybuilders (remember Ben Johnson?). In bodybuilding, Winny is usually used because the gains in muscle mass with stanozolol are easy to maintain. Bodybuilders use Winstrol in cutting cycles because it doesn´t cause serious water retention (although it does cause some), helps losing fat and maintains the muscle mass.

What are its side-effects?

Orally ingested Winstrol is hepatotoxic, although not very strongly comparing to some other steroids. Prolonged use (over 8 weeks) is, however, discouraged and dangerous. If injected, Winstrol can cause abscesses and users will face the same problem as diabetics injecting daily insulin, namely looking for a new place on skin for daily injections. As all anabolic steroids, Winstrol is causing inhibition of natural testosterone production, although less than some other steroids.

How is it administered?

Winstrol must be administered daily, in doses of 50 mg/day. This is true concerning both oral and IM administration. Body builders often stack Winstrol with Deca-Durabolin, but also with many other steroids. Liquid Winstrol is sold as water solution and must be well shaken before administration.