Who is selling quality products, who is selling fakes

Topics on 1 Jan , 1990

(By Max Rosten)

These are the second results (May 2012) of our long-term study of individual anabolic steroid products on the Internet market. So far, our readers sent us 2,069 specimens. 1,673 of them were sold by online pharmacies.

We divided the products into 4 groups:

  1. Good quality. The fluctuation of active compound doesn´t exceed 10% and the medicament is not contamined.
  2. Acceptable quality. These are usually relatively good-quality products of unregistered laboratories. Active compound levels fluctuations do not exceed 17%. The contamination is not as serious as to endanger the health of consumers.
  3. Unacceptable quality. These products typically have 20% – 80% levels of stated active compound (most often around 25%) so they are not far from complete fakes. Contamination level can cause health problems, sometimes serious (especially in case of intramuscular/ subcutaneous application.
  4. This doesn´t mean counterfeit as we did not have the possibility to establish genuine origin of medicaments. It means that these medicaments contained no or very little active substance, or sometimes contained other than stated active substance. Various contamination levels. Injectables usually only contain edible oil, pills and capsules various kinds of starch or sugar.

Results according to individual pharmacies (each pharmacy can have several websites):

gear-shop.eu (xenoandrogens): 100% good quality, 0% acceptable quality, 0% unacceptable quality, 0% fakes

120kg.com: 7% good quality, 13% acceptable quality, 51% unacceptable quality, 29% fakes

Steroidshop: 5% good quality, 8% acceptable quality, 62% unacceptable quality, 25% fakes

XL Pharma: 12% good quality, 25% acceptable quality, 42% unacceptable quality, 21% fakes

Euroroids.com: 10% good quality, 35% acceptable quality, 27% unacceptable quality, 28% fakes

Euromuskeln.com: 13% good quality, 8% acceptable quality, 51% unacceptable quality, 18% fakes

steroid4u.org: 21% good quality, 32% acceptable quality, 43% unacceptable quality, 4% fakes

Steroidsplace.com/steroid1.com: 4% good quality, 59% acceptable quality, 33% unacceptable quality, 4% fakes

Anabolika-kaufen.net: 14% good quality, 49% acceptable quality, 21% unacceptable quality, 16% fakes

American Lifestyle & affiliates: these are no anabolic steroids. They sell other medicaments under the names of known steroids.

Others: 9% good quality, 14% acceptable quality, 52% unacceptable quality, 25% fakes