Testosterone enanthate

What is it?

Testosterone cypionate and testosterone enanthate are two similar and interchangeable testosterone esters. The only practical difference between them is that cypionate has slightly longer ester attached to testosterone and is thus somewhat longer-acting. For the same reason, enanthate contains slightly more testosterone per mg.

What are its effects?

Testosterone has very strong anabolic effects but also rather strong and unwanted androgenic effects. It also aromatizes readily. Bodybuilders like testosterone as it enables large muscle gains fast.

What are its side-effects?

If taken without anti-estrogenic medicaments, testosterone will cause all the side-effects resulting from high estrogen-levels in blood (gynecomastia, fat accumulation, water retention). On the other hand, androgenic side-effects like hair-loss, deepening of voice or acne may be of some concern especially to women. Suppression of natural testosterone production is serious when using synthetic testosterone esters.

How is it administered?

Most bodybuilders will inject 300-1000 mg of testosterone cypionate/enanthate once a week. If you decided to inject testosterone in this form, donĀ“t forget its action is long lasting and one has to be prepared to deal with side-effects. Anti-estrogens are necessary and so are medicaments restoring natural testosterone production after the cycle. Primobolan and boldenone are probably its best stacking partners.