Laboratory Testing

Topics on 1 Jan , 1990

(By David Steen)

Bodybuilding and steroid forums on the Internet are mostly turning around one question: „I´ve bought steroid so-and-so supposedly from so-and-so company (see the picture), is it genuine?“

And the common answers sound like: „send a better picture of letter G in the name, then I can tell you; yes, bro, that´s a good stuff, I´m using it too, you´ll get huge“; or even „yeah, I know a guy who is selling it, it´s OK, bro.“

Please remember: you will never, never ever be able to tell the quality of a drug from its box or from a label. This is true concerning every medicament prone to be faked and especially concerning anabolic steroids. We know that some underground laboratories produce horrible medicaments. We know some common fakes. But no one in the world will guarantee you that those 2,000 boxes, stolen from a legitimate drug-producer (especially if that producer is based in Eastern Europe, Latin America or Middle East) will contain anything at least resembling the hormone they should contain. There is no way telling this. Not from pictures, not from that letter G, not from anyone´s experience; because things get changed every day in this shadowy business.

If you are using anabolic steroids and you do not get them from a legitimate source, you have only one way of knowing what you are using, and that is a test by independent, accredited laboratory. In fact, laboratory testing is not very expensive and you should be able to find a lab near you that will tell you the following two things: 1. How much of active substance (you have to specify what to look for) does the drug contain, and 2. What is the contamination level of the given drug.

If you can´t find a laboratory or for any reason hesitate to do so in your country, you can send us a sample (please just a sample, meaning one pill or one small vial clearly labelled as SAMPLE) and write what active substance we should be looking for. We will send you scanned results of the test by e-mail (or if you wish so, by regular mail). The price of one test is 100€. We are working with several certified labs in Central Europe (Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia or Poland) so your samples will be tested in one of these countries.