Steroid Overview

The modern history of anabolic steroids dates back to 1930´s: first anabolic steroid (androstenone) has been isolated in 1931 in Germany and three years later synthesized by Croatian-Czech chemist Leopold Ruzicka working in Switzerland. Isolation of testosterone followed the next year and first clinical trials with the hormone (specifically with administration of testosterone propionate and methyltestosterone) had been conducted in 1937. It was immediately apparent that the group of hormones is likely to have some anabolic and androgenic properties, although this thesis was repeatedly question...

Effects of Anabolic Steroids

(By David Steen) Anabolic androgenic steroids are synthetic compounds related to the sex hormone testosterone, naturally produced in both male and female bodies. Testosterone-producing organs include adrenal glands, ovaries and especially Leydig cells of male testes. Testosterone, as other steroid hormones, is derived from cholesterol through series of chemical reactions. Testosterone converts into either dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a strong androgen, or to estradiol (a major estrogen) in a process called aromatization. Testosterone and DHT can both activate androgen receptors in certain ...

Buying Anabolic Steroids

(By David Steen)  We do NOT sell steroids, we do NOT profit from others selling steroids and we do NOT encourage you to buy them. The information below is for those who would buy them anyway and may endanger their health by buying dangerous counterfeit medicaments. Buying and using anabolic steroids for bodybuilding or performance enhancing purposes is a hard decision that is likely to change your life in many ways. If you read this section, I presume that you are either already buying anabolic steroids or are aware of their possible side-effects and legal aspects and you still decided t...

Legal Steroids

legal steroids
(By Max Rosten) We´ve been told many times that it´s possible to produce a legal alternative to anabolic steroids. There were several attempts to market marginally effective prohormones as „legal steroids“ and there are some companies still selling useless chemicals branded as such. Now it seems we finally got somewhere the recent successful clinical trials with xenoandrogens brought these substances to attention of both athletes and anti-doping agencies. What is it? Xenoandrogens are basically all non-hormonal substances influencing the hormonal axis of humans or animals. They are...

Myostatin Blockers

(By David Steen) Anyone familiar with the world of bodybuilding will agree that return to the era when power sports were completely free of steroids and various other substances supporting muscle growth (like Human Growth Hormone or Insulin) is not realistic. Steroids, even if proven very harmful, are not like cigarettes or even narcotics: steroids rather resemble the philosopher´s stone of ancient alchemists a substance that can profoundly alter your body and soul. The quest for such transformation is eternal, deep seated in human character and present in every cultural tradition. Th...

Prohormones, Insulin, HGH

(By David Steen) (Insulin, HGH, prohormones, substances claiming to raise the hormonal levels) First of all, let me warn you about the dietary supplements that claim similar effects as anabolic steroids. One possible outcome of their use is that they won´t work. A much worse scenario is that they actually might work. There are some products on the market that, although legally sold, resemble anabolic steroids in their actions. Sometimes, these are some obscure chemicals similar to testosterone that escaped the FDA or DEA´s watchful eye. Unlike the well-known steroids, these compounds hav...

Why Anabolic Steroids Should Be Legalized

(By David Steen) Testosterone and related compounds are neither toxic nor addictive. Still, their use is illegal in many countries and in some of them they are listed along with dangerous narcotics. The use of anabolic steroids can certainly cause side-effects, just as the use of most other medicaments. But there is no serious medical study proving the relation between use of anabolic steroids and serious disease. On the other hand, such commonly prescribed drug as Viagra claimed 522 lives during first two years of use in USA alone. According to study by Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, „maj...

Steroid Cycles and Stacking

(By Christian Mayer) In many articles on this website we are discussing steroid cycles and stacking. For practical illustration and clarification, we asked a very experienced German bodybuilder, Christian Mayer, to prepare several variations of different types of stacks. For our US and other overseas readers this can be an interesting example of what would their European counterparts use. Personally, from my purely pharmacological point of view, I would build many stacks in a different way. Still, I respect over 30 years of experience upon which this combinations are built and publish them ...

Quality of Black Market Steroids

(By Max Rosten) In order to understand the quality of anabolic steroids sold on the black markets and used by millions of athletes worldwide, one has to understand the ways these medicaments are produced. Most of steroids sold on the US market come from China - especially after the 2005 roundup on the Mexican producers. Some sources claim about 99% of raw materials for steroids sold in the US and Canada are of Chinese origin, although I guess there is also certain amount coming from Eastern Europe and Balkans. Chinese raw material is usually processed in semi-legal laboratories abroad (I ca...

Healthy Diet

(By David Steen) If you are a serious athlete, you probably know much about healthy diet. Still, we would like to remind you about some important issues. Steroids are most often used by bodybuilders and other power-sportsmen. Power-sports require high-protein diets, but the problem with proteins is that when they are metabolized, large quantities of nitrogen must be excreted by liver and kidneys, which places a serious strain on these organs. With the long-term high-protein diet the risk of kidney- or liver-disease increases many-fold. Because these very organs suffer most by steroid-use (e...