Buying Anabolic Steroids

(By David Steen)

 We do NOT sell steroids, we do NOT profit from others selling steroids and we do NOT encourage you to buy them. The information below is for those who would buy them anyway and may endanger their health by buying dangerous counterfeit medicaments.

Buying and using anabolic steroids for bodybuilding or performance enhancing purposes is a hard decision that is likely to change your life in many ways. If you read this section, I presume that you are either already buying anabolic steroids or are aware of their possible side-effects and legal aspects and you still decided to make this step.

If you live in a country where anabolic steroids are freely sold OTC, you will probably go to your local pharmacy and buy a genuine medicament by a respectable producer. This is the safest way of buying steroids, although in some places counterfeit steroids are sold in pharmacies as well (Mexico, Egypt, Lebanon to name a few).

If you live in a place where anabolic steroids are not legally obtainable without a prescription, you will either use a dealer or order online.

Neither of these ways is safe. Steroid dealers usually sell home-made medicaments. According to our testing, their contamination level is high (3-5%), active substance usually low (40% in average) and you are likely to get a different drug than you think you are buying. This is because the dealers are dependent on deliveries of active substance from China (or other country) and do not test their intermediate products in the first place. Chinese (and other) producers usually do send some anabolic steroid but very often the cheapest one, typically testosterone propionate or methyltestosterone (an inferior hepatotoxic steroid).

It is very easy for the producer (or the dealer) to replace, say, trenbolone (expensive) by low dose of methyltestosterone. The better you know those substances, and the more experience you have with various steroids, the easier you will distinguish the „good“ stuff from semi-fakes.

Online pharmacies are usually no better, with the difference that they often sell complete fakes (dealers are usually afraid to do so).

Although some underground producers have approved lists of online pharmacies selling their products, these are still „improving“ their profit ratios by adding counterfeits to their repertoire.

One solution would be to buy directly from the producer, but currently just one company is offering this.

There are couple of websites (some of them accessible with password only) offering wholesale of anabolic steroids. They are usually based in Bulgaria and Turkey and sell 80% counterfeit products. Other pharmacies offer very low prices: again, either counterfeits or scams.

Never buy Human Growth Hormone (HGH) online or from dealers. HGH is a very expensive substance and there are practically no genuine products on the black market.

From our tests it is clear that even the only online pharmacy with 100% genuine steroids is selling counterfeit HGH, possibly without being aware of it.