What is it?

Boldenone is a veterinary injectable medicament known under trade names Equipoise, Equigan, Ultragan and Anabol. As the name Equipoise suggests, the original purpose of this drug was treatment of horses. Because of its chemical properties, it is active in many animal species, including humans.

What are its effects?

Boldenone is not the strongest anabolic out there, but its anabolic action is significant, while its androgenic and estrogenic effects are almost none. Boldenone hardly aromatizes and is in every aspect one of the safest anabolic steroids available. It strongly stimulates appetite, helps nitrogen retention and protein synthesis. Boldenone promotes vascularity and red blood-cell production (this makes it steroid of choice in endurance sports). Muscular gains through boldenone are long-lasting comparing to most other steroids.

What are its side-effects?

Except for relatively mild suppression of natural testosterone production, Equipoise (Boldenon) has no known serious side-effects (remember this is a veterinary drug and little is known about its side-effects in humans). Drugs for restoration of normal testicular function may still be necessary.

How is it administered?

Equipoise (Boldenone) is a very long acting steroid and weekly injections are fully sufficient. Common weekly dose in male athletes is 300-400 mg. Many bodybuilders used to inject boldenone daily or every other day, because the original veterinary medicament came in doses with low concentration of 25 mg/ml. From this point of view, generic versions with 200 mg/ml concentration are preferable. Boldenone is usually stacked by bodybuilders with testosterone in bulking cycle and with trenbolone or stanazolol in cutting cycle.